8 600 sq.m
3 450 sq.m
year of design
The plot is located in the residential area of Kyiv on the Left Bank of the Dnipro river. It is dominated by residential buildings with diverse, chaotic, and indistinct architecture. One of the advantages of the location is the developed infrastructure of the surrounding area. There are shopping malls and large supermarkets, educational and medical facilities, restaurants, fitness clubs and public transport stops within walking distance. In addition, there is a large green area around the lake with a renovated fitness park located really close. All these factors build a family lifestyle. There are very few amount of such areas on the Left Bank which are located near the lake, has the access to the underground, and with the formed community of the district.
The chosen concept is two volumes of 9 and 16 floors, united by a stylobate part. We divided the two volumes into smaller "boxes" and turned each of them to a detailed calculated angle. These angles are formed by insolation restrictions, view characteristics, and orientation relative to the loud avenue. Due to the rotation of the sections, it was possible not only to provide beautiful views from almost every apartment in the house but also to cover more green space and get a variety of views: some windows can face the park, others - the lake. Also, turning the facades at an angle from the avenue, managed to protect it from direct noise from the avenue to the windows of the house. It also reduced the noise pressure on it.
We designed the volume of the stylobate part of the complex in such way as to get a nice access to the driveway with a green island in the middle. Due to the stylobate, we got two categories of space. The first space is public one. Here we concentrated the main infrastructure: cafes, restaurants, etc. not only for the residents of our complex but also for the whole district. There's a promenade along the lake to which we have provided with a barrier-free transit from the complex.
The second one is private space. This space is above ground level, on the exploited area of the stylobate part, and is accessible only to residents of the complex. Because there is a playground, chamber recreation areas, lots of greenery, and private terraces on the first floors for a comfortable pastime.
We have designed the complex to complement the existing environment, always being in dialogue with the observer and to be an integral part of the entire building.
Each apartment, regardless of size, has a panoramic window overlooking the green area and the surrounding area. Large windows were placed in the living rooms because this is where residents spend major part of their time.